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Dersu the Trapper by V. K. Arseniev

Dersu the Trapper

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Dersu the Trapper V. K. Arseniev ebook
ISBN: 9780929701493
Publisher: McPherson & Company
Format: pdf
Page: 364

ВЂњWhy man live in box?” Synopsis: A Russian captain (Yuri Solomin) on a military expedition in Siberia befriends a bow-legged trapper (Maksim Munzuk) who saves his life. For those of you who like Lewis and Clark type adventure I heartily recommend it. The best sequence in the film is a spectacular snowstorm that binds trapper / guide Dersu Uzala (notably played by Maxim Munzuk) and Captain narrator Russian (Yuri Solomin). ВЂњTigers occupy about two-thirds of the new park,” said Dr. Recently I had a day of travel (car, bus, plane), and spent the whole day reading Dersu The Trapper. Dersu Uzala A film based in the book “Dersu the Trapper” from V.K. These mountains were the setting for Vladamir Aresniev's Dersu the Trapper and the 1975 film by Akira Kurosawa based on the book Dersu Uzala. Because I know you're all looking for antiquated Russian adventure stories I'd like to recommend Dersu the Trapper. I recommend the version from Akira Kurosawa (1975) although I think there is one from Agasi Babayan (1961). After going through their on-line product catalog, I was still not sure if they had something that would fit my needs. He's currently reading “This is Your Brain on Music” and “Dersu, the Trapper”. There is, however, an intense sequence set on the wastelands of Siberia, when Dersu the trapper and Captain Arsenyev find themselves lost with the sun setting and the temperature dropping.

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